Starter kits?

Hey Everyone,

I’m picking up a letterpress this week its pretty much print ready with the exception of needing new rollers. The press comes with 4 chases and thats about it. I’ve been reading on and off and wondering what are some of the things i need to get started printed (aside from inks).

I want to tackle on printing some of our company’s business cards and creading our company logo. If you guys can list some of the things needed as well as where i could purchase that would be great!

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Don Black should be able to set you up with everything you need. Dick G.

Thanks Dick I’ll give don a call

Are you anywhere near Chicago???? Paul Aken will be having his Annual Spring Type Sale on Saturday, May 7 and provides great “starter kits” for those just getting set-up. He is located north of Chicago, just below the Wisconsin border. Look up The Platen Press in the Yellow Pages on this site.


Thanks Rick I’m out in Canada unfortunately

I sell complete kits and have them in volume and ready to go right now. Here’s the ad:

Let me know if you’re interested.


Andrew Churchman