Mystery 18pt Type ID

Hi all,

Here’s a face I bought recently that I thought was an open bodoni, but upon printing looks quite unknown to me. So far, I’ve searched McGrew and no luck. Looks to be a modern variant with long ascenders/descenders. I’m liking it, but I don’t know what to call it! Does anyone know what this face is called?

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image: 18pt, unknown

18pt, unknown

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Here’s the image in a larger format:

Hi Joseph,

It is in McGrew’s book, but the quality in the book is not really good enough to make it readily recognizable as a shaded face. Your face is Typo Roman Shaded from ATF. It was designed in 1921 but not released until 1924. It was only offerred by ATF in sizes 12 through 24 pt.


Thanks Rick for the speedy response. Mystery solved. Seems like it was hiding in plain sight!


Maybe worthy to mention that the ATF 18pt and the 24pt each came in two sizes on the body size; 1 & 2…#1 being the larger size and the #2 being the smaller. The largest size’s ascenders and descenders would take up the entire body height…..#2 less so.
If a printer has both 1 & 2, it’s not hard to get them mixed up when re-distributing back to the cases; if not mindful of which one you’re actually using.
I came across some 18pt #1 that had some #2 characters in the case; was how I discovered this.


Dave, that’s good to know. The font that I have has ascenders and descenders that take up the entire body height, making it size #1. I wouldn’t be surprised if I came across an errant #2 sort nonetheless.