Uneven paper cutter (one side cuts longer)

I have a challenge 30” paper cutter, and the right side of the blade cuts about 1/8 - 1/16” longer than the left.

I’ve measured from the backstop to the cutting stick tray and both sides are the same. When the blade comes down, it actually cuts into the stick at different points.

I unmounted the blade and it lays flat (not bent). I tried to add a 1/16” spacer in front of the blade to push it back slightly but that makes the blade bow slightly and cut with an arch.

Is this adjustable somehow on the Challenge?

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On each side of the frame there should be Gibb type screws to take the side play out of the blade carriage. I’m guessing that this is a hand cutter and not a 30.5” power cutter. Sometimes you may find that they have been over tighten and have worn deep grooves in the carriage. When the blade hits the paper it is bouncing around because of the side play. If this is a very old cutter there may be no adjustment screws, but floating plates in the frame that take out side play, you can place by trial and error shims under the plates to take out the side play. Use metal shims. Be careful!!!