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A Print Shop Romance
A month ago two people were industriously at work setting type in The Herald office. Their cases were close to gether. Soon it was apparent that each had a case and their minds were on it. All of us read the proofs. Then with an entire new dress each was ready for the run. Rev. A. K. Lewis acted as lock-up man and when all the forms were filled out he locked them up. They that were George B. Humphrey and Emma Hayes are now Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Humphrey, at home to their friends on East Main street. – Clarinda Herald.

I found this in the Sentinel-Post, Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa, 24 September 1909.

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Local editors were pretty creative in those days. I have an old clipping from our local paper (Mason City, Iowa) decribing an upcoming baseball game between the Mason City and Charles City newspaper employee teams, and he states that he hopes the local boys wil not be “out of Sorts”.

John Henry