Vintage cutter measurement question

I have another paper cutting question. I’ve used a large manual Advantage cutter with the wheel for the clamp on top and a handle to turn in the front to adjust the back-gauge, which would also adjust the ruler tape above the blade so you could see what the measurement would be.

But I’ve also seen photos of old cutters that didn’t have the ruler tape, including the smaller vintage Challenge and Chandler and Price presses, such as the 19” bench cutter. Not having seen one in person, I’m trying to understand how you can tell how deep the cut is. Are there markings on the back or the base itself? What am I missing?

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I have a 19 inch Advance from the early 1900’s, the rule is in the bed of the cutter.

image: 2167732110102359358xWVlyV_th.jpg


That makes sense. Any way I can get a bigger picture of that? It’s hard to see here.

I have a 30” challenge power cutter, the tape fell off years ago, i simply stick a ruler under the blade to measure, there is almost always a mark on the cutting stick to let you know where the blade will fall. Make sure to remove the ruler or it will become shorter, also cutting rulers isn’t good for the blade. Dick G.

I have a little 19 inch or so challenge cutter — no ruler! But if you stick a piece of heavy scrap in there and mark on it where you want to cut you can put the blade down on it and it will make a mark or cut if you push too hard… The one thing I wish mine had was a little thing to tighten to make sure it doesnt move when you are cutting a lot of stacks..

Stewartdesign, are you sure there is nothing to tighten to hold the back gauge, usually behind the crank to move the gauge back is a nut you tighten with your fingers, maybe it fell out, if it did there would be a hole with threads there somewhere. Dick G.