Neenah Papers, anyone?

Hi Everyone,
I need to print some dark grey cards with white and light grey inks. My client likes the Neenah Traditional Finish Charcoal paper that they used for other collateral material in their office. I can’t find much information about how well this will letterpress and was curious if anyone had used this line of paper for letterpress before.

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I’ve printed on a number of Neenah papers, but don’t recall if the grey was the same or not. Never had any problems.

Of course, I’ve never chosen to print with white so I don’t know how that will look. Closest I’ve tried was a 1:1 mixture of silver and opaque white on off-white paper. Looked OK. Others have reported that white on dark paper is difficult to do well.


You may find that one pass with a cover white may look gray enough to match your needs. It may take two passes with the white to get a good white. I have had some success with printing a clear varnish under white on dark substrates as well. The clear allows some margin of error in the second pass, but you still need to take great care in sheet placement (register).

Most people agree that a white hot stamp image will be easier to achieve if you have that equipment.

Thanks for the info, jhenry and Arie.

I think I will probably have some trial and error time, so I think I will just go ahead and get some samples and try it out.

Im using an opaque white from van son, and my client may like the not fully opaque look. So we shall see…

Thanks again,


I got some opaque white from great western it is pretty white, thought I think to achieve a more white you might need two hits or maybe some silver. Even with offset opaque white is not solid white on dark colored paper.
I think however the neenah charcoal would print well on letterpress.