8x12 C&P on wheels?

Has anyone put their press on wheels? I’m needing to move my 8x12 press into our house and was thinking it would be convenient if I put 4-6 wheels on the skids so I can move it in the future. I’m considering using wheels that have locks. Any experience or advice is appreciated! Thanks!

image: Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 6.37.56 PM.png

Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 6.37.56 PM.png

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I don’t think it would be a good idea. You’ll want your press to be as firmly planted (and level) as possible and any wheels will give you a slight amount of movement. It also creates a potential safety problem — you don’t want the press rolling itself across the floor when you’re trying to print.

I would encourage you to build a heavy duty pallet or platform that you could set the press on and use a pallet jack for any required mobility.

Other people here may have other opinions on the matter.

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I don’t think a press on wheels is a good idea, maybe make a thing like a furniture dolley to move it on but then take it off when it gets where its going. Brad’s pallet idea is best, then tou can jack it up to move it easily, i think you’re asking for trouble if you put wheels under any press. Dick G.

All the above comments I agree with, since I did do that once some 40 yreas ago, thinking it’d help in moving. Problem was when I needed to move it up a step or two, they always seemed to get in the way not giving me any balancing/pivoting ability. Also the synthetic wheels got a little flat on the floor surface and made moving anywhere even more difficult. After having moved nearly a dozen in my life time and a Ludlow, and all by myself, I found that when the feet are on good hardwood runners and rolling on some 1” galvanised water pipe, all that was really needed was a big crowbar, a 1 ton block and tackle, a bit of self-patience and a 1 ton, 2 wheel car trailer AND COMMONSENSE. My last one was only 10 weeks ago into my new “old” studio. I found the only time I needed a pallet and jack was on my Verticals as they only have 3 feet. William Amer, Rockley NSW

Would any of you with some experience in moving presses be willing talk to my husband, Phil, on the phone? On Saturday, we took the fly wheel off, and got it about half way down the driveway using pipes, and then when we started to turn it to push it up our walkway to our front door and stopped. We were tired and weary of getting it in the house. So my press is in the driveway right now with a tarp over it. :( We have a 34in door opening, with a wall on the left side of the door opening. It seems like if we can get the shaft where the fly wheel was in through the door first, we should be able to turn it to the right to get it in? Also, there is a step up to the door. :( I think it would be helpful if Phil could talk through it with someone. :) Let me know if you’d be willing and are available and I can send you his number in a message—or you can send me yours! Thanks for the advice about the wheels.

Here is a picture of the front door.

image: photo.JPG


If you took the flywheel off i think you can get the shaft out the other side of the press with any luck then you would have more room to get thru the door. Dick G. my contact info is on this site under Kay Printing, your husband can call me and i will help if i can, i’m in southeastern Massachusetts.

If you’re unable to get the flywheel off you can try the opposite—removing the pinion gear from the right side of the press and then removing the flywheel with the shaft attached. Getting that shaft and flywheel out of your way will make everything MUCH easier.

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I put my 8x12 C&P on a pallet and then bought hardened steel rods (2) with wheels on either end through the pallet.
I put blocks of wood under the pallet for 99% of the time so the wheels and rods are not being pushed down by the weight but are a bit lifted off the ground.

When I need to wheel out my press, I just take the blocks of wood out underneath, wheel the press where it needs to be, and then replace the wood blocks.

This is not for long distance moving though — only for a couple of feet or so. I wouldn’t recommend this method if you need actually transport it somewhere.

I put my C&P on wheels and took the fly wheel off and was able to get it in a door like that. Though I had to take the door of the hinges to clear it