C&P belt replacement/ink

I have a few questions and thought I’d just lump it all together. If anyone can shed some light or direction, I would extremely grateful!

I have a C&P Model-N 10x15. Serial Number (?) on top left corner of chase bed says N993. I can’t find anything on it, even on that list of serial numbers that other people are posting! Does anyone know when it was made?

This is the one thing I found about the Model-N: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34564322@N03/4054364386/in/photostream/

My machine is in really good and well taken care of condition. The only replacement needed is the belt. It is roughly 8 ft (circumference of the belt). Where will I be able to find this? The auto stores don’t seem to carry belt that big.

In terms of ink - What’s best to use? Oil or Rubber? Also, I know soy seems to be the “green” thing to use, what are your experiences with soy, if you’ve used it or heard of others using it, let me know your thoughts. I was looking at holyokedirect.com for their ink. Are they good/bad?

I know my questions seem slightly silly, so be patient with me :)


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I have a kluge that the belt was dry wrotted, i got a couple of broken belts from meihle verticles and sewed them together, There are belt companies that will make a custom belt to fit your press, check on the yellow pages on this site. Dick G.

Thanks for some direction, Dick G.!

mc master-carr. or you can try an industrial warehouse. possibly even a farm/implement shop i take it you are using the “it just goes around” style. it does fit into a groove.

Thanks EricM. I contacted McMaster-Carr. There is one just a city away from me. I’m hoping they e-mail me back.

A piece of advice. Don’t lump multiple questions. Make each one its own separate thread. Easier for you and easier for anyone that wants to answer.