Maintenance for a vandercook 04

I’m looking for someone to service a vandercook 04 in the Nashville tn area. The motor is making some pretty noticeable grinding noises and I also noticed the belt is fairly loose and fraying a bit. Does anyone know someone in this area that can come out and service?

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Try Dave Seat, he travels the country fixing all kinds of old printing stuff. Dick G.

NA Graphics ( stocks belts for the No. 4. I have one on hand for my No. 4, since my belt also is a bit frayed. My husband says it should be easy to replace it ourselves. But we’ll see! :-)


The belt change is no big deal. Have you checked to see if the motor gearbox oil is full? If it isn’t that can cause it to make a lot of noise.

If you are mechanically skilled enough to print on your press then these things should prove to be easy for you.

Do you have the operator’s manual for the press?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I checked the oil. First thing I did, and it’s full. I can probably change the belt but it sounds more serious than a belt.

you might drop into hatch show print and ask their advice. i visited last weekend and found them very helpful with their advice to a beginner getting started. they might know someone who could help as well.

In my experience all No. 4 motors and associated gearing make a lot of noise. They are quite old. If the belt is frayed, replace it.