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I have been twice denied for a classified listing and I cannot figure out why. I have emailed the moderators and received only an automated response and I am beginning to get frustrated. The ad I am trying to post is this:
Selling a restored Craftsmen 5”x8”. Stripped down, media blasted and professionally powder coated. New rollers, new boxcar base and new solid birch feedboard. Many extras

Restored Craftsmen Press
1 set of New Rubber Rollers
New Roller Trucks
Brand New Boxcar Base
2 Chases
2 Quoins
1 Quoin key
Handful of Gauge pins
3 Trays of Lead Type
1 Composing Stick
1 Composing Tray
1 Can of Soy-Based Black Ink

Asking $2700

and 2 pictures.
What am I doing wrong!?

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menzelg - Sorry for the inconvenience. This is becoming a problem for us too. With now over 56,000 registered members, it is becoming more difficult to personally answer all the mail we receive. In many instances where the information is available on the site, automatic messages are sent out.

As for the Classifieds, when an ad is submitted, there is a link to the Eligibility guidelines in the submission form. Unfortunately many people don’t take the time to read it. When an ad is declined, the decline message explains some of the reasons why ads are declined. The decline message also includes a link to the eligibility guidelines.

If we could ask you and others to take time to read these links or look at the Help pages, everyone would save time and have their questions answered more promptly. We would appreciate this help from the Briar Press community.

Hi Elizabeth, I certainly understand the difficulty of managing a website with so many members and I appreciate the frustration of seeing the same repeated complaints however I did indeed read the Eligibility guidelines but perhaps I did not understand that my ad was not conforming. In addition, the denial email gives no specific detail whatsoever, just a link back to the Eligibility guidelines. I have read through them a few more times and I am guessing that perhaps the amount I am asking for the press is considered to be enough to warrant payment but this is merely a guess. I understand that the denial emails are merely automated but perhaps if there was a way to add a slightly more specific reason for the denial it would be easier to meet the guidelines. Or perhaps a maximum limit on price that delineates where free ads end and commercial ads begin. I apologize for bogging the discussion down with this but I admit I am still fairly confused about where I went wrong. I will try including payment and see if that helps the ad along.
I do thank you for your work on the site, it really is a fantastic resource.