what bulletin board software does briarpress use?

is this a home grown bulletin board software or something off the shelf?

I like the format and basic features/simplicity.

please reply or PM with info.


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I think Eric built this system himself. I could be wrong, but it’s definitely nothing I’ve ever seen off the shelf.


I would echo Keith’s praise. This board is simple to navigate, search & discover…no doubt the result of it’s thoughtful setup and key to it’s loyal group. If it is off-the-shelf, that’s cool, if it’s Eric’s personal handiwork, all the cooler & high praise to him.

i ask because i’m working on setting up a board to facilitate trading of orphaned wood type sorts and i can’t imagine that it will be very user friendly to the average person in it’s current state..

I’m in the process of getting rid of a lot of the bells and whistles.

Keith, i remember someone was trying to do the same thing a few years ago, sounds like a great idea, i think there is a lot of wood type around that is missing a few letters, i have 8 or 10 fonts mostly complete and about 10 galleys of odds and ends far from complete, the only problem is the ebayers that get these and split them up to sell letter by letter. You have some good ideas if you get this to work it might get some of these fonts back together. Dick G.

Briarpress is a well customised drupal cms:

thanks for the pointer noftus. Just took a look at drupal.org. Now my head hurts. haha.

Of course I’ll just install it and poke around a little. :)