Offset Ink for the press?

Ok I am starting a new one…
I went here
because someone in the last string said they use offset inks for their press. I went to “Pantone Mixing Inks” and chose a random color and then I picked the Rubber based option and the price was alluringly low.
Can I really use offet ink? Will it look like crap? I make cards and sell them and I CAN’T sell them if they look like crap…
On top of which, as you gather from my last question, I am really sick or going around and around with ink…

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I don’t think they make letterpress ink any more, all i use is offset ink, i mostly use rubber base, if you would like some ink to try come on down and i’ll give you some, i can’t be too far from you, then you can see what kind you like. Dick G.

Did you go to the link? Is that the right thing?
This is the confusing thing to me…i didn’t know they don’t make letterpress ink anymore just “Ink that can be USED for letterpress”. Is it rubber, is it oil, etching or non-etching, adjust your roller height, coated paper or uncoated…just so many variables!
I live in Metrowest so it would be a bit of a hike but I would def like to come down and get some tips. I need to get this thing working. It’s dead weight! :)

Paperdoll, if you want to spend a half day you could bring your press and i’ll help you, i’ve been printing letterpress for 50 years and own several small table top presses along with larger floor models. People spend years learning how to print, there is lots to learn. My phone is 781-293-2157, call me and we can set up a time, i’m in Hanson, almost anytime will work, i run my shop out of my garage and am usually around all the time. Dick G.

i have never been able to buy letterpress ink, i just use off set, it works fine! a kilo a can, made by torda.
The only thing i struggle with is getting the lid off!

You can still buy letterpress inks but not from any retailers that I know of. There is J.M. Fry ink here in Richmond, Va that will mix it for you using the letterpress formulas. Can’t tell you the cost as I have not had any mixed but I did talk with them. I use Van Son Ink because the rest of my shop is offset

A rubber base ink will stay open(not dry quick). Have been using Van Son for years on Kluge’s & Windmills inkers. Soy based are taking over(also by Van Son) so you many try to get use to them. Either will be fine for GOOD rollers. Also, eco-friendly roller wash is another thing to get use to!

All offset ink will work as letterpress inks. Not all ink will work on all stock.
Rubber base (soy Based) dries by absorbsion and will it work on coated enamels
Get Advise from your Ink supplier there is one in most larger cities