New? Old?

Just retired, old ‘newbie’ here. Have an Adana 8x5 and, yesterday, bought the Vicobold that was recently advertised here, as well as lots of type and other equipment. Next is to have the new press transported to my workshop and installed. Anyone know of any (reasonable) specialist movers? And anyone know of any documentation available for the Vicobold? Can’t wait to get started, but this is going to be a long term project. Lots of new skills to learn, but am more than willing to learn!

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First question, where are you located?

I’m in Worthing, West Sussex, UK.


I recently used a company called Harry Rochat, they are listed in the yellow pages on this site. I had moved the press myself previously but using them was such a joy - they know exactly what they are doing, did a great job including ensuring the press was set up and levelled and all I had to do was make them a cup of tea. They only moved it a couple of miles and happen to be local but I think they were very reasonable and couldn’t recommend them highly enough, they are in the south east so reasonably local.