Oxidized type

I have recently purchased numerous drawers of type with which one drawer contained 14 pt Century Expanded Italic
41A, 84a. The type appears to be oxidized. I have separated the pieces that were stuck together, now I am unsure as to how to deal with the oxidation. The letters appear very good with probably no prior use. Are they salvagable? do I clean them then just know that they are prone to break a little easier? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You might try using type wash on them. If the oxidized is just a look you hate, but the type still works use it.

The main thing is if the type locks up tight, letter next to letter and the letters all sit flat on the bottom.

Thanks Aaron, the looks of the type doesn’t concern me, but it does make sense they have to line up properly. I’ll give the type a good wash. Thank you for your advise.