what size tympan

Hi. I am wondering what size tympan I’d need for my Craftsmen Monarch. I see a lot of options for C&P ‘Pilot’ presses but the chase size on my Monarch is larger, I believe.

My chase: 9 x 12”.

Does anyone know which size I’d likely need and where to get that size?

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If you call NA Graphics I’m sure they can cut tympan to size for you.

You will need paper sized the same width as the platen and 1 inch additional in the other direction to allow 1/2 inch under each bail.

Fishy - JHenry’s got it right. Buy oversized and cut to fit - For the “hanger sheet” (top sheet) - width of the platen plus long enough to clamp the top sheet to fit under the bales.
For undersheets (packing), cut to just under the size of the platen.

Experiment with some kraft paper to get the exact size, then call NA Graphics or APE - or me to get a starter kit.

I’d be happy to cut sheets to fit your dimension and sell you what ever quantity you’d like. My basic 8x12 “starter kit” includes enough for 25 jobs. $45+ shipping.

In a pinch, you might get by with some butcher’s wrapping paper. It’s hard, it’s strong and it should hold up for a while. Real oiled tympan is best, but if you’re in a pinch…

- Alan


I have used the type of butcher paper which has a polycoating on it. It really works extremely well.

I fell heir to a big roll of oiled tympan paper a while back so that is what I usually use, but when that runs out, I’m goiong to hit up the industrial paper supply guy for the polycoated white kraft.

John H.