Indentify the Letterpress (Dutch Initials)

Looking for some advice as to the name of this type.
I have been told that they are Dutch Initial. I cannot find anything in any catalog, or website that I can compare them to. Anybody has an idea?? As to the origin, and what their value might be? (guess is ok)

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ATF sold a series called Dutch Initials, but without a picture, it is hard to compare. That is a delicate and easily damaged face, but desirable if in good condition.

Thanks for your response. I cannot find it in the ATF book.
Any idea as to the age of the design?

Hi Daan -

Check the other response (you posted you original quwestion twice). This design first appears in the 1912 ATF catalog and continued to be offered by them into the 1960s and 1970s.

Your photo shows some fairly shinny examples so I suspect your were cast later than earlier in that time span.


Sorry I posted this one twice. The other post has a picture of the face. Yes it is delicate. And I found some scratches on some. I have a 48pt set, that has 2 or 3 letters and some single letters. but it is complete, and a 84pt set. that looks complete.
Thanks for your responses.