Fitting a Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill through a 4’ wide door

Hi there,

Does anyone have any ideas/experiences with how to fit a Heidelberg Windmill through a door 3’11” wide? Is there a way to do it without taking it apart? What would need to come off? I’m wondering what is the simplest way to do this. Any advice would be welcomed.


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Depending on the construction, you may be better off widening the doorway and it maybe a whole lot easier! Or removing some of the trim around the door frame.

Just doing a quick measure it looks as though the press just might squeeze through with the possible need to remove the feed table handle.

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Dave L

I’ve moved two windmills through an opening that is 49 inches wide by 79 inches long. The only part I removed was the feed handle. I know I could get one through a 47 inch door jam the same way.