How to remove the wood cutting guide from a Reliance Cutter?

There are two blocks of square wood wedged into a space below the blade. One is situated directly below the blade to guide it as it cuts. Unfortunately when I changed out the blade, I set it too low and it has cut too deeply into the guide. I need to rotate or replace the block.

I tried prying it out this morning and a piece splintered off. Not good. I tried pushing from both sides and it does not want to budge. Before I put too much pressure on it, I wanted to ask if there was a proper way to remove the guide?

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Look under the bed and see if there are holes beneath the slot. I don’t know about the Reliance, but my old C&P cutter had them to aid in stick removal.

I have been using synthetic sticks for years so I can’t address your question from personal experience, but, since your stick is wooden and we are now going into the hot & humid cycle of the year, perhaps your stick has swollen enough to make removal very difficult. We are going through a hot and humid spell right now in Iowa and I have three dehumidifiers going full-blast in my shop right now. If you shop is warm and sticky, this may be the culprit.

Typecases also are prone to swell a little and be harder to pull out of cabinets when in a warm and humid environment.



I’ve started to swell as well in the good Iowa Heat and Humidity. Or maybe the swelling is due to the great Iowa food?

In replacing the wood cutting sticks in my old cutter, I can usually get somehting under the bottom of the stick from the end and begin to lift the stick out of the rabbet in the bed.

James, I used to have a Reliance 23” cutter with a wooden stick. If yours has two sticks, it’s probably an adaptation somebody made….. since they typically take just a single larger stick.

If yours is stuck, then it’s most likely swollen or wedged as Foolproof suggests. There’s only one way to get it out that I know of: use a large screwdriver, and lever it out from one end. Then when it’s out, have a woodworker make you a proper stick out of hardwood.

OR you can do like I did, and make a wooden stick that just fits the slot, and then route a groove in it that is the right size (I think it’s 3/4 x 3/4… but I don’t remember) to fit a newer nylon stick. Then you can use store-bought sticks.

Wait??…!!!… Iowa is the home of good food? I thought you guys only ate canned ham and creamed corn. Or is that just Dubuque?

Lol… Thanks for the humor guys.

It’s been raining a lot so it’s probably more humid than normal but I doubt the high desert in Nevada has the same humidity thankfully that some of you are experiencing.

I’ll take the screwdriver approach tonight.

Winking where are you getting the nylon stick?

James, I got my nylon sticks from our local printing supply house. They are fairly common in the offset printing business

JamesK, the place where you get your knife sharpened might sell the nylon cutting sticks. Dick G.

I’ll ask Dick. My guy is a mobile sharpening service a retired guy runs so not sure how much inventory he has. I saw some services selling nylon sticks online though.

James, i have 7 new unused sticks 3/4” square, 38-5/8” long, would give to anyone who wants them just cover postage. I use Boston Saw and Knife to sharpen my blades, they also sell new blades for cutters, and cutting sticks. Dick G.

Thanks Dick. I’ll send you a pm. I appreciate the assist.

winking you have never had a pork tenderloin sandwich or a maid-rite? mmmmmmgood