Chandler & Price 7x11” - restoration


I’ve recently aquired a C&P 7x11” serial number A237 (which I assume makes it a late 1912, early 1913 build.

It did not have any trucks, rollers or cores. Does anyone know the specs for these items?

I’ve emailed NA Graphics to order the rollers and cores but suspect that they will come back to me with some issue about shipping to Australia etc

If anyone has the specs for the cores, rollers and trucks I’d appreciate them as I can get them made up here if I know what dimensions they are.


Lawrence Finn

PS photos are of the press stripped down for sandblasting.

image: stripped1.jpg


image: stripped2.jpg


image: stripped3.jpg


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Lawrence, I’ve got a 7x11 in storage, I can get the measurements for you. My first day off is friday
so I can get them to you probably by sunday.
best james

Thanks James. I really will appreciate it… Fantastic…

Lawrence, The core length 16 3/8” long, 7/16” diameter,
my core has a key 1 1/2” from each end to drive the truck.
My roller guy machines a pin through the core to achieve
this. Trucks are 1 7/16” diameter, tire width 8/16” and total truck width 15/16”. I have heard the 7x11’s are uncommon best james

Thanks James,

Thats excellent… I just now recieved this reply from NAgraphics which might be of interest to others later down the track so will post it here.

“The 7x11 core takes the same diameter truck as the 8x12 C&P (7/16” core, 1 1/2” diameter). (The new trucks are) …made from Delrin. Original specs for C&P trucks were undersize with 1 1/2” diameter composition rollers, and as these will be synthetic rubber, there is no need to allow for as much shrinkage as the old glue composition rollers, thus truck is made to 1.480” diameter, roller to 1.500” and that allows for the slight amount all rubber rollers shrink the first year. The old 1 7/16” truck diameter is 1. 4375” which is too small. “

I’ll post photos when I have it finished :-)

As an afterthought I’ve created a chart for all the old & new style C&P presses listing their trucks, cores, rollers etc

There are quite a few blanks so if anyone wants to play “fill in the blanks” it might be a nice resource for briar press once it is finished. It is located here: