removing ink plate …

hey all,
going through and cleaning/restoring a c&p craftsman.
can’t seem to figure out how to get the ink plate off? please help! trying to go from top to bottom…

thank you!!

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On my Craftsman 12x18 the ink disc just lifts off.

If you have an ink fountain on your press you may to remove it first so the disc has clearance to lift off.

If you have the concentrically split ink disc it may be bolted on along with its gears, but that may not have been available on the Craftsman. But look for a bolt and large washer below the ink disc shaft.


i thought the ink plate was supposed to come right off too, but when i pull on it, no budging. there is an ink fountain but i removed that (not the piece that holds it) already. do i have to remove the ink fountain arms too? from the look of it, it seems like there isn’t any bolts or washers (only the gears) underneath. and it’s not too grimey cause the plate moves fine… any other thoughts anyone? :(