One of my coworkers wrote this poem. We work at an offset print shop but I thought almost everyone could relate to this.

Today’s Tale of Woe
by Dian West

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
I need it yesterday
I don’t know what I really need
Can you find out for me?
Yes, I need it right away

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
I need it right now
I need to make a change
Okay, hurry
Remember I need it right away

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
I need it in an hour
Why does it cost so much?
I supplied the art
What do you mean there were changes?

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
I’ll be right there
I needed it right away but
Payment will take awhile
I’m a little short of funds

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I’ll add this-

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
Call the cleint - he needed it quick
His secretary said he’s on vacation
Would you like his voicemail?
See you in a week.


Not a rhyme
We had a sign in the back room.
This would be a nice place to work if it were not for the phone and customers

very nice, thanks for the fun true post

Yes, I know this customer. Every job he needed yesterday, and makes 20 changes to copy before waiting a week to get back to you on the okay.

Ahhh…I love this hobby…

I know it wasn’t the most politically correct thing to say but I once responded to a customers very huffy, “Well, how can I get this tomorrow!” with “You could have ordered it last week.”

I had a customer that insisted on getting their job next day even after i told them a week, so i took them outside out to my sign that read Kay Printing, Letterpress, Offset and Rubber Stamps, I asked them what it said, they read it to me, i said ok there is no where on that sign that says MAGIC right, never did get that job. Dick G.

This is so theraputic.

This originally from a boss guy to his secretary and typist, but appropriate here also I hope.

Of course I want it today. If I did not want it until tomorrow I would not give it to you until tomorrow.

Then there is the all time classic:



Dian likes the additional stanza Bill wrote for her poem and appreciates all the other comments as well. Misery really does love company.