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Hey, whats up!
I found, on my father in law´s attik, a pharmacy book, an old one (1920´s). In there, a huge amount of illustrations of devices, labels to order, in case you have al pharmacy store. There are also, some animals illustrations. Is this kind of vectorized drawing, submitable?

image: eagle.jpg


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Make sure you scan in at 1200 resolution before turing it into Vector Art. It looks suitable but for a deep impression the lines may plug up the open (counter) areas. The right amount of ink and printing pressure would be the perfect solution.

Ok, great!, thanks, but the thing is…
Y took pictures of this. The book is well kept 500 km away from home, where my father in law lives. Plus, i travel there 2 or 3 times a year. I just came back from one of those. It´s not easy to take the road again these days.
So, i have a bunch like these with the same quality. Do you think i can submit/upload them, turned it into Vector Art, to share with you guys?
Thanks again!