Roller trouble after one use

Hey guys and gals,
I’m new to letterpress but have some experience with operating a press, most of which is self taught though. We just got a windmill 10x15 and after the first use one of the four rollers looks like it’s falling apart. This is the roller closest to the ink. It was new on the first run and cleaned and dried with california wash. It did stay on the machine, but not in contact with any other roller. The press is in a temporary location and the temperature will get up to 80F when we are not using it. Any suggestions on what went wrong here?

image: 2011-07-30_16-15-41_536.jpg


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Did you contact the company you purchased this from. They will likely replace it.

Who did you purchase it from?


We had this happen once, with rollers from Rotodyne. They usually had supplied good rollers to us, so nothing against them.
It started to happen only after a few months, and looks like the top layer was bubbling open somehow. It slowly got worse, and the were willing to replace them. Any roller company should be willing to do so.
They had no answers for why it happened, and there was nothing odd or different about our chemistry. Just a bad batch of rubber i guess.