Adding a Counter to my Kelsey 5x8

I am looking to purchase a counter to attach to my Kelsey 5x8 Model U letterpress. I know this is a small press to put a counter on but I have decided to wait on getting a larger press until I have a little more space and money.

I was wondering if the counter that I would need for my Kelsey could later be put on a larger platen press? ( a C&P 8x12 or 10x15 will probably be my next press) Also if anyone knows of any posts on Briar that talk about this topic please post a link. I have looked for a while and can’t seem to find any.

If anyone has a counter that would work for my needs and is willing to sell/trade or work out any type of deal I would love to hear from you!!!!

Also just a side note, I am located in upstate NY (Lake George) and am always looking for local printers to meet up with and learn a thing or two from. I am pretty new (1.5years) to letterpress and would love to work with anyone. I am willing to drive a reasonable distance! Or if you know anyone in the area!

Thank you in advance!!

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My 6x9 Sigwalt has a small counter I think I found in a junk box somewhere. It has a lever about an inch long on the axle and each “lift” of the lever is one count. It has a reset knob on the other end and a flange with screw holes for a base. I mounted it on the board the press is screwed to and connected it to a moving part of the press with a piece of coathangar wire and a short light-weight extension coil spring. I also added a screw hook screwed into the board beside the lever, which can be turned to prevent the lever “counting” while I’m re-inking. It’s probably counted hundreds of thousands of impressions by now.


Jerpchap, my 5x8 kelsey came with a counter, when i pulled it from the rubbish at the town dump, i have removed it and don’t intend on using it, if you think about a 4 hour drive is reasonable you are welcomed to come to my shop and spend some time playing printer with me, i run a one man shop out of my garage and do letterpress printing full time. I’m in Hanson, Massachusetts, if interested i will send you my number and we can set up a time. Between the two of us we have 51 and a half years of experience in letterpress printing. Dick G.

Thank you guys!!
AdLibPress I think that sounds like its pretty basic to attach and I can make a counter work on just about any press!

dickg I would love too!! I think I would benefit greatly by working with someone as experienced as yourself! I would really enjoy coming down on a Saturday or Sunday! Yes please send you number and I will get in contact with you next week. Let me know when a good time to call is! Thank you!

There are two holes on the lower left side of the main frame of the Kelsey presses designed specifically for installing the counter they sold. I have a counter - not the Kelsey - on a Kelsey 6x10 that is mounted in that very spot and rigged up with a copper trip wire. While I usually ignore it, when I’m running a few hundred pieces, it comes in handy.

Ohhh! I just took my Kelsey apart for a good cleaning!!! And was wondering why the heck there are some random holes on my press! Mine have screws in them right now but now it makes some sense… Thank you!

Interested in C&P 10x15 w/ motor in Crown Point? Let’s talk.