chandler-price 19+ paper cutter

here are some pics of the cutter

image: front


image: back


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Any idea what its value is?

I’d guess around $200 or less. It looks like it was once electric or hydraulic and was converted to manual. The handle is not original nor is the wheel on the paper clamp. I bought a 19” C&P cutter from the 1960’s, manual, in near-new shape this last year for $450.

I agree, I bought one recently in good shape that is electric (power blade, but manual clamp) very similar to this, but
un-altered, for around $500.
In the apparent condition, $200-ish seems about fair.

Well if there is anyone out there that would be interested in it I am open to offers. I am sure everyone knows that it is quite heavy. It is in Minnesota now. Thanks to everyone for the help.

$200 would be the top price.

I do have the same cutter but in mint condition. The only item broken is the measuring tape. I plan to use it but need a tape. Where can I buy one?

If you find a solution for the measuring tape I’d love to hear about it. I am in the same situation at the moment!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

i bought a replacement tape for a carpenters tape at a local hardware store, been on my cutter for years.

Wouldn’t you need one where the zero is in the middle of the tape?


how many times do you cut “0”, i don’t think there is a zero on my tape.

Because both ends of the tape are secured back under the table far from where the the the tape is read it needs some length behind zero as well as in front of it. I have seen tapes with a ‘dead foot’ where they have a foot before the zero mark, but that isn’t long enough to make this cutter show 1 inch when the back guide is set at 1 inch. Did you have to extend yours? I’m trying to avoid doing so and the only tapes I can find capable of this are for quilting and are only marked in 1/2 inch increments.


image: cpcutter.jpg

i see what you’re saying, i will look to see what mine is like, i don’t remember where i got it from cause i’ve had it for 30 years.

I wanted to mention that this brand new blade available on eBay is a perfect fit for this model of cutter. Just installed mine and am very happy to now have a spare.