Kelsey 3X5 Chase Side Screw size and where to purchase?

I have a Kelsey 3x5 press without screws - can someone tell me what size these are? Can I just purchase these at a local hardware or can I just use quoins w/furniture? Anyone else have one who wants to share their fun with me? Thanks!

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You can use quoins and furniture. Best if they’re small. Not much room in a 3x5 chase. That’s why they have screws. Just take the chase to a hardware store and ask for set screws. Should cost a few cents each.

Have fun.

Be careful if you try hardware store screws - the thread pitch may be non-standard. Better to take the chase to the hardware store and have a hardware guy try to find something which fits.

One more thing - if it is an antiquated, non-standard thread pitch, you will need to have some machine screws made by a machinist. It would be best if you had an actual screw to work from, but they should be able to measure the pitch with a gauge and fabricate something which works. Have some extras made while you’re at it - the setup charges are probably significant.

I’m pretty sure they’re 1/4-20 set screws — try to get the slotted kind, though if you get the Allen screws be sure you get an Allen wrench for them as well. They should be about the same length as the thickness of the chase sides (about 1/2 inch) so they don’t stick out outside the chase when locked up. You’ll also need two strips of steel about 1/8 inch thick and 3/4 inch wide and a bit under 3 inches and 5 inches long. You put the steel strips against the screws and that prevents damage to the furniture or type or whatever you’re printing from. The corners of the steel strips should be rounded off with a file. If you have a machine shop near by they probably have some “drops” of steel strip like that they would give you.


3x5 Kelsey, my first press, i’ve printed lots of things on this press, although i’ve gone on to bigger and automatic presses i still like to print on this press from time to time. My grandfather bought this for me for my 13th birthday, this year my press will turn 50 years old, good luck with your kelsey, great little press. Dick G.