Lettra A9 Ecru Pointed flap…Does it exist?

I am a small letterpresser looking for envelopes for a bride. We are pressing on ecru 220lb. Lettra. I know I can get A9 square flaps, but would love a resource for A9 ecru pointed flaps (inner and outer). Has anyone found these? Crane was not helpful. Nor was Xpedx, or OK.

Or can anyone recommend a similar sheet with that type of envelope available??


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There are not many inner/outer combinations to begin with. I highly doubt you will find any options for A9. There are none offered by any of my resources. If these sizes are a must, your only option may be to have them converted. A good option is ECS in Seattle. They willingly do small quantities and custom sizes. www.envelopeconverting.com

Keldon Paper in California is awesome. I know they have A7s like you want - not 100% on an A9.