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My name is Michal. I live in Poland - Krakow :) Beautifull city in southern Poland. My wife and myself decided to buy a boston type letterpress but in Poland the market is poor or I would say none. So maybe here I’ll find help from you.
Looking for such machine:
- boston type or semi-automatic platen press
- good shape (ready to work)
- format (PREFERABLY): B3 (at least B4) or A3 (at least A4)
Example: or

Somewhere around Europe (Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden)

I don’t know what’s the consultancy price but I may offer some extra money for helping me find and buy such machine in Europe. I need your help and seeing how this portal is working it looks I will find that help here :) If anyone has any info please send it to me: photos and price or any link, contact etc ([email protected])

Very kind regard
Michal Faron

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Czesc Michal.
I bought my Hohner “Hobo” A5 Boston-Tiegel from Boston Presse, a company in Olching Germany. Get in touch with Mr. Werner Pilat at: Boston-Presse[at] I was very happy with everything (for example, the press was so well packaged for the long trip to Canada, that it was a shame to have to break up the crate). He sent me photos of several other presses - I’m sure he will have a press for you.
- Pierre Ranger, Atelier Locomotive