Challenge 15MP Rollers

Hey knowledgeable people. I now have a Challenge 15MP and am having trouble getting the rollers to function as they should.
Main problem: rollers hardly spin.
This press has a motorized inking system and the motor works great. When the motorized cylinder touches the form roller it doesn’t spin it (much). Then when all rollers are engaged (distributer etc) none move except for the motorized one.
I cleaned and oiled the bushings and all metal contacts in hopes to reduce friction but with no luck.

Please educate me!

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When the press is turned on and the ink distribution roller is turning let the form rollers down and the vibrator roller should engage the front form roller.

The from form rollers can be adjusted by turning the black knobs which are held tight by an allen screw, adjust these to type high will help when printing.

My first proof press was a Challenge 15 MP and the bed was galley high so check to see if this also becomes an issue. Please email me if you want to discuss further.

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Also I’m sending my rollers off to be recovered today. I measured them with my dial calipers and they were about 2.45” is this the correct dimension?
The roller company suggested a 2.5” roller. Will this work on my press?

I am in the process of rescuing a 15 MP. The one I am working on is missing the spring that holds the powered cylinder against the vibrating roller. Is it possible that your spring is stretched or weakened? A suggestion is to reach under the box that contains the motor, drive, and powered cylinder and push upward on it while observing the vibrating and form rollers. If you push hard, do they begin to rotate? If so, then the spring might be to blame.

Bruce MacDougall,

Do the rollers rotate when not inked? Sometimes certain types of ink can act as a lubricant and retard the rotation as if you had put oil on them.

The problem was solved back in august, sorry I didn’t update.

The rollers were completely glazed and pitted so recovering solved the issue completely and the press works wonderfully.

Also the oscillating roller shaft needed to be cleaned and oiled. Before I cleaned it, it acted as a brake.

Good luck with your Challenge.