Arab Press Leather Bearer/track


Firstly thanks to everyone whos answered my questions in the past.

Next question, has anyone ever replaced the leather track bearers on an Arab Platen before? Mine have shrunk and distorted (wavey) so can no longer get a constant roller heigh and basically have to re-tape the tracks for every run, which is a waste of paper, time and tape.

Im guessing it would be easy enough to cut a length myself, once ive got a ‘sheet’ of leather but what should the depth be (lazy me).

Or has anyone got any ingenious ideas to replace the leather with something else.

Excuse the hammerite paint job, we bought it like this :-(



image: 1.jpg


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I restored an Arab press some years ago and replaced the leather straps by using the best quality leather belt that I could find, from one belt, I cut two straps, to length, and punched a hole in them on the side it slips onto the pin and tightened them around the small wheel that sits there for that purpose. Armed with a caliper and a type gauge I worked out the thickness that I needed before buying the leather belt. After some months though, I had to underglue them with some paper. Twenty years on, they still function.