Broken Part Near Flywheel

I recently purchased a motorized C&P new style press that was damaged during shipping. The crank shaft was broken, but I also noticed another part near the flywheel that looks like it was also broken but I’m not sure what that part does or where it should be attached. I’ve added some pictures in the hopes that someone can help me identify it. If someone has pictures of their new style C&P and how its supposed to be reattached, that would be great.

I need to be able to provide documentation of the damages to the shipping company so I can try to get reimbursed, but most importantly I need to be able to put this thing back together so I can finally start using it. Thanks in advance.

image: IMG_3367.JPG


image: IMG_3368.JPG


image: IMG_3369.JPG


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Looks like it is a bell. I think I remember a bell on a C&P to ring if the press had a miss feed.

I’ll have to look at our automatic new style C&P but I think its a bell too. Ours dings on every impression when the press is engaged. Kink of makes me smile when the press is over by itself running :)

Thanks! That would make sense if it was a bell because I honestly can’t see where this would connect to anything.

Technut27 - Can you let me know if my bell got mangled somehow and looks different from yours?

the bell dings when it is running but off impression, IE it is out of paper or a sheet is jammed in the feeder