Small Size Floor Press

If I ever find the room in my workshop, what is the smallest overall dimension size floor press with a platen larger than 5x8 that is rather available in the 21st century?

I know there are the CP Pilot 6.5x10 table mounted presses, but these seem outrageous in price (I know portability means profit for the seller)

I am just curious, Thanks!

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The 8 X 12 C&P is the smallest floor press I know of, it is still a bulky piece of equipment.

You could always look out for a 7x11 Golding Pearl. They have a smaller footprint than the C&P 8x12.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Kelsey Star 7 x 11 has a rather small footprint.

There is a Golding on eBay currently [ Item number: 300576392387 ] or check out
John restores these frequently.
Good Luck!!

The Golding that is listed on Ebay 300576392387 is for all purposes in Des Moines. Iowa. We picked up a press from this seller. He has done his homework on the items that he sells. Note: Free Shipping of the press. We had a great transaction.

Thanks all..i looked at the one on eBay and it didn’t look in that great of shape…particularly with the shift lever detached. Not knowing much about them I wouldn’t know what else may be needed besides rollers to get it going

the star looks nice but I’ve never seen one for sale

I appreciate all the advice! Any other posts? Please do so!

I have a 5x8 Gorham Alert Rotary (see museum pictures) that I pick up in 2009. It is a floor/treadle press with a 5x8 chase. Weight, all in, probably about 350-400lbs. Built in 1876 or thereabout in Boston. The woman selling it said she had lots of people look at it, but nobody bought it. The early platens were small, but not many survived. Damon and Peets made some, as did Columbia. The book “Personal Impressions” available on Amazon covers many of these smaller early platens. The Golding Pearls are the most popular and most common of these small early presses, but there were others as well.

It seems that some sellers want the same amount nearly for the Golding floor presses as the better tabletop ones. Question, does the impression of say a Pilot be nearly as good as a Golding or CP Floor model?