Letterpress Printing book available

I just received an email from Oak Knoll Press about their book sale. One of the books listed is Letterpress Printing, by Paul Maravelas, 220pp available in paperback for $24.95 minus a 25% discount (p11 of the online catalog). It looks like it would be very helpful to those just starting out with letterpress as well as many with more experience, with information on using many kinds of presses and printing with all sorts of image materials including photopolymer. http://www.oakknoll.com/results.php?s_ShowPics=1&s_Catnr=1505&s_Page=11


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How do you get the 25% discount? It’s just showing up as $24.95 all the way through to the billing page.

I don’t know — they don’t specify in the email. Check their website (www.oakknoll.com) to see if there is more info. The email says 1-4 books 25% discount, more books, up to 50, gets you a bigger discount in steps. Maybe they take it off the final price when you place the order? Or email them ([email protected]) and ask.


Here is another book that all should take a look at.
Current information for todays printer.
Marty has done a wonderful job on this book.

A 21st-Century Guide to the Letterpress Business [Paperback]
Marty Brown (Author) Portland Oregon.
ISBN 1603370064
Available on Amazon