interesting picture of a newspaper plate

These were stored at a coworkers house since the early 70’s. he kept these off the press when the press went from hottype to offset back in 73 or so. He passed away a few years ago and his daughter wanted them out of the yard. We were going to donate them back to the paper. But I got stuck with them. Thought I’d post a picture to share. jim

image: IMG_0284.JPG


image: IMG_0286.JPG


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I remember those days at the daily newspaper here Houston having to use them.

You might want to donate them to a printing Museum so that people can see the old plates of letterpress days.

we were hoping the historical society in town would want them but never heard back from them. She wanted them out of the yard because the kids would sell them for scrap. The guy in the marketing dept at the paper showed some interest, but they had a major layoff 1/2 the dept so I dont think they are worried about old stuff at the moment. jim

do you still have them? please answer…a printing museum