Thinking to start Letterpress

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There’s a few Heidelberg Cylinder press’ on ebay, I’d start with 2 of these.

Company Name: Lai Chuen Hing Printing Machinery Ltd.
Street Address: Ta Chuen Ping St.
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Zip: 852
Telephone: 00-852-23254325
Fax: 00-852-23522304

Mr. Li Sau Kin

Used Machinery dealer in Hing Kong, has a complete Heidelberg Windmill for sale

Great! Thanks for the suggestions!
So besides machine, what other things I will need to concern and prepare?

Ordinarily when I hear that question, I recite the same list of favorite books & periodicals. But there is now so much credible instruction online, you’d do very well to pull up all the YouTube demos you can find and read the Briar Press archives…. F thru AQ, then cover to cover.

What are the rules on owning a press over there?
Don’t you need a license now that the Mainland has more of a say in making the rules?
In the opinion-rich “West” you can find printing presses
nearly anywhere. Do you have independent printers’ co-ops & collective print-makers’ studios in HK? If you can find one that offers classes, you might likely get most of your questions answered directly and w/the correct local terminology.


I think to setup a license in Hong Kong is easy, and it is different from Mainland China.

I don’t think there is any letterpress workshop in Hong Kong. Also, I have found one printer, however, they don’t print with cotton paper, so I am thinking to make our own prints.

My sister and I would like to make some cards and pattern paper with small quantity, and I love the letterpress technique, so that’s how I started the above question. Otherwise, I will need to look for oversea printers, and see how things work.

And I am interested to know your suggested books and reference.