NA graphics Still around

NA graphics sill with us, put in a order on line. E-mailed many times no return E-mail, called left message. nothing?

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They’re definitely still around. I just talked to Fritz on the phone a couple of weeks ago and received a few cans of ink from him last week. Seems like I saw him post in the Briar Press forum not that long ago too. Did you get an emailed invoice on your order? Have they run your card? If not, then there could have been some technical error because both of those things happened almost immediately for me when I last ordered from them (very recently).

Like many of us, they seem pretty busy, so patience would pay off in trying to contact them. I would also like to assert here that the customer service and level of attentiveness I received from them have been outstanding to date. Keep trying. They’ll help you out.

Oh, and they’re in the MTN time zone, so keep that in mind when calling.

I agree, I emailed Fritz a number of times regarding my recent order and it all arrived.

I just received a parcel off goodies from them today. Where are you in the world? I think I rang them 5 times before I realised time difference.

Fritz Klink could not be a more conscientious and knowledgable man to conduct business with. Since I have not purchased anything lately, I don’t know if he is overwhelmed with business demands at the moment, but I would be delighted if he was overwhelmed with profitable business demands from the world of letterpress!

My experience with them has always been positive, and they have a lot of Vandercook specific stuff, which is great, but i found that e-mail was not a good way to get them. When i called during biz hours, they took good care of me, but my e-mails were never replied to.
I have heard that Fritz has his hand in a number of other operations in Silverton, so he may be spread a little thin.

That is what I allway heard. Made contact, looks like it is best to avoid the E-mail questions. Thanks Tod