Motor Speed Reduction Help

I recently hooked up a simple 1/3hp motor to my 8x12 C&P. I’m using a v-belt going from a 2” pulley on the motor to the flywheel and I’m able to get about 24 impressions per minute.

This is slightly too fast for me and I want to get it down to around 18-20 (not picky).

Is there a standard pulley I can can purchase for my motor that is slightly smaller than 2”? Perhaps 1 3/4”? I noticed there is a 1 3/4” UHMW Plain-Bore pulley on Will this do the trick?

I would rather find a simple and cheap solution to slowing this down a bit than forking over the cash for a vfd.

If you care, you can see a quick video of the setup I’m currently working with:

Any help would be much appriciated!

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If you can not get a smaller pulley, to test for speed slip the belt on to the shaft of the motor and then count for ipm. If you then want to speed up add masking tape till you get to the speed required then get a pulley machined down to do the job. Cheaper than a VFD or other drive system.

Hope it helps

I have a similar problem. I think you’ll find it close to impossible to find a pulley much smaller than 2 inches. Running on the motor shaft will reduce the speed, but likely not enough to make a real difference.

The most low tech system will be a reduction pulley between your motor and your flywheel. Run your 2 inch pulley on the motor, and attach it to an 8 inch pulley on a separate intermediate shaft. The intermediate shaft will then run another 2 inch pulley to your flywheel. To vary the speed vary the size of the large intermediate pulley. This is around a $50 solution.