8x12 impression Strength

I am looking at pressses from different folks. A kind BP member informed me that the 8x12 cp wasn’t very strong thus producing little impresssion.

Would any of you who have a 8x12 OR a 10x15 PLEASE POST PICS of materials you produced for me to see the amount of impression…..I would GREATLY appreciate it!

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Hi pilgrimpress,

These are some business cards I printed on my C&P Old Style 8x12 and I have to say I am extremely happy with the impression I am getting with the press.

The first two photos are on Cranes Lettra 220lb and the third photo is on pretty cheap 100lb cover.

I don’t think you would have any trouble getting the impression you want. I get very similar results on chipboard as well. Hope this helps.


image: photo3.JPG


image: photo2.JPG


image: photo1.JPG


Oops, my apologies, the photos went up in reverse order, the last two are on cranes lettra 220lb and the first photo is on the cheap 100lb cover. Thanks.