Ruler replacement on an old cutter

I am looking at purchasing an older (late 50’s, early 60’s) chandler and price hydraulic paper cutter. It’s the size I’ve been looking for, 23” and single phase, so that’s all good. However, it’s missing the “tape ruler” that would be under the magnifyer - similar to the similar era challenge cutters. Has anyone ever replaced one with a drilled measuring tape? Is this easy to do?

Is there anything else I should check on the cutter before buying it? My current cutter is a 17” Schneidewend, so this would be great upgrade if I could spruce it up and get it for the right price!


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I went to the hardware store and bought a carpenters replacement tape and replaced the tape on my challenge,

Could you elaborate on this a little? I bought a C&P cutter that is supposed to have a tape like this, but I’m honestly not sure what it is supposed to look like or how it is meant to attach.

What type of tape do you use?

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Did you buy that cutter? I found the part I needed for my C&P cutter here:

I had to measure the length of loop it required and there was one for a Challenge that matched it perfectly. If there isn’t a match they will make it a custom length for you.


image: window.jpeg



How did you like that replacement tape from them? I’m thinking about replacing one on a challenge HB model I am about to pick up. How well did it fit?


Just put it on the cutter- the one I got seems great. I suspect it’ll outlast me.


Thanks, that is good to know!