Pitting on Ink Plate

I recently purchased a C&P 8x12. Dirty rollers were resting on the ink plate for many many years which left small amounts of pitting on the ink plate.

I have two questions, if any of you have experience with this:

1. Does a small amount of pitting, or roughness effect the quality of printing?

2. Can the pitting be fixed with a filler of some type? Perhaps a bondo like filler used for pitting when restoring old cars?


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It’s primarily an appearance issue, though there will be a slight tendency for the ink to collect in the pits and make for thicker lumps of ink on the rollers. If you are going to try to fill them I’d suggest cleaning them really well and using epoxy rather than Bondo — I think epoxy will be more permanent. I would do that and then get a cabinet-maker’s scraper and scrape the areas carefully to get back to the smooth surface of the disc.


Thanks Bob! I’ll give that a go if I notice any problems with inking.