How to edit your Press Names listing

If you wish to edit your listing in the International Register of Press Names, follow these steps:

If you’re not logged in already, log in to Briar Press.

Your profile page includes a list of your recent posts and listings. Below your username and information you will see a heading that says “Recent content.” Your listing will appear under that heading . Click on the title of the listing.

On the top left of the page there is a box that says “Options: View, Edit.” Click “Edit,” make the changes that you wish to make, and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find a submit button. Click “Submit” and your ad will be changed instantly.

If your request to reserve a press name was declined and you feel that you do qualify as a private press, follow the above steps to edit the listing. Let us know that the listing has been edited and we will review it again. Please include your user ID.