Platen Press ID

A friend is restoring this press back to working condition for a steam museum. We want to source some rollers but have no idea what press this is as it has no makers name at all. Any ideas most welcome.We believe it was used in commercial printing in country Victoria Australia

image: Printing Machine 001.jpg

Printing Machine 001.jpg

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I’m thinking a Samson! Look at the similarities to the Samson Oldstyle in Briars Museum.

Thanks Dennis
I’m getting a few people say that it could be a New Champion. It could be both. It sounds to me like it was marketed by all sorts and probably cast at the same place. Its a clamshell and missing a few bits but I sure my friend will get it up and going. he is a letterpress tradesman from the sixties and its good to see him get his inky!
Thanks for the input
Dennis Wild