Unidentified Hammond saw part

Hello again folks, another unaccounted part from my Hammond Ben Franklin Trim-O-Saw purchase.
I’m pretty sure this is the ‘gauge bar’ part of a micrometer gauge assembly, however, my saw already has a complete assembly, and I can’t find any manual or parts list that shows anything quite like this part, more specifically the short part that is attached to the right end of the bar.
The gradations from 92 to 148 picas tell me this is some type of extension, but I can’t see how this would install on the existing micrometer gauge bar already in place, nor how that thumb screw would not be in the way of anything gliding down the saw’s table.
Perhaps this is a part for a different model or even brand of saw altogether?
As always, any help much appreciated.

I can send larger photos offline, this website dramatically reduces the images I’m uploading…

image: IMG_0233.72.jpg


image: IMG_0234.72.jpg


image: IMG_0235.72.jpg


image: IMG_0238.72.jpg


image: IMG_0240.72.jpg


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Doesn’t look like any Hammond nor C & G part. Check the following….



Good Luck!!

Actually it looks like the extension gauge for the Rouse Miterer, either the hand style or the motorized version. Might also work on some of their later slug cutters.

If it doesn’t fit onto your saw, it might be an extension gauge off a Rouse miterer.

It would indeed seem to be a Rouse part. I’ve attached a very quick snapshot of the left end of the regular gauge of a Rouse Economy Vertical Miterer. You can see where your gauge would attach on to it. The regular gauge ends at 91 picas, and yours begins at 91 picas.

You can see the Rouse rotary vertical miterers on pp. 6-7 of their “Time-Saving Equipment for Printers [Catalog] and Price List” (September 16, 1946). This is online at:


This catalog includes a listing (with no picture) of the Extension Gauge.

David M.

For some reason the picture didn’t make it. I’ll try again here…

image: Rouse rotary vertical miterer regular gauge, left end.

Rouse rotary vertical miterer regular gauge, left end.

Thanks for the speedy feedback everyone, once again, the Briar Volunteers Crew has steered me in the right direction with all these answers.

Stan & David, thanks for the links to manuals, these will come in handy.

And thanks very much for the reference photo David.

I don’t have a rotary vertical miterer but this may fit on my Rouse Manual Slug Cutter as most of you seem to suggest.

Again, thank you all.