Heidelberg Windmill - Noise

Hi everyone,
just finished my first big job on my 1953 Windmill. I´m worried about the noise the machine is giving while under production.

I´ve located a spesial metallic clinking sound, coming from the area around the feedboard and the suction-hose. While it´s picking up sheets, the sound is coming with every raise of the suction arm..

I have compared my windmill with a later model, 1960, and I´m surprised how gentle and silent this other press is. My 1953 is loud…! When the press is running, the area round the belt in the back near the motor, is just making noise.. Compared to the 1960 windmill, which you nearly couldn´t hear the belt rolling around..

Could anybody give me some pointers?


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IS your Press well oiled as per instruction on the back of the Press (left side). Is your Belt lined up per Manual (pp. 41) ?

Some heidelberg platens ring a bit when the suction release valve activates, the roller “rings” as it jumps off the back of the cam . It is a machine and some make their own noise. The noise you mention at the motor end could simply be the pulley fitting is not tight on the motor shaft,it makes a sort of rumbling knock.