Replacement Part for C&P 8x12 Platen Press


I need to find out what this part is and possibly where I can get a new part. It is part of the wheel that makes it turn. Right now I have some metal there to allow it to function but it is not stable and even pops out at times.

Picture is attached. The original piece is longer and tapered to fit perfectly.

Thanks in advance.

Lori Fields

image: photo(6).JPG


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It is called “key stock” and it can be obtained at most hardware stores. Take them the measurement you need (length, height, width) and they’ll cut you a piece. The original pieces were slightly wedge shaped (thinner on the inside edge, wider on the outside edge) so that when properly placed, they kept the key from slipping and the wheel from slipping. If need be, a collar can be placed on the axle after the key stock is in to keep it from slipping out.

Thanks so much Alan. This is great! :)

what you want is a “gib head” key. probably 3/8 inch x 3-4 long.

Eric I think you are right after me doing some research. Thanks for the link. Exactly what I needed and it looks just like what I need. I so appreciate this info.