conqueror connaiseur


It is the first time that I will print on a 100% cotton paper. I have a Heidelberg windmill. I live in Greece and the only cotton paper I manage to find is conqueror connoisseur. Is there anyone that knows that paper? Is it appropriate for letterpress?

Thank you

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Craine’s Paper


The original post didn’t ask about “Crane”. (It’s called “Lettra” btw). A question was asked about “Conqueror Connoisseur”…

Conqueror Connoisseur does letterpress print - with a moderate amount of impression. However, I have found that it is not as soft as other cotton based stocks such as Lettra or Gmund Cotton. I would recommend avoiding it if you can.

You can order Lettra from, and they will ship it internationally.

Gmund is stocked in Greece at:
10, Alkminis St.
11854 Athens
+30 (0)210 3412111-2
[email protected]

Type Center S.A.
11, Proedrou Drakaki Str.
173 41 Athens
+30 (0)210 9345600
[email protected]

conqueror papers print ok. of course that is proper impression not the arty embossed images a lot of people seem to like today. You can print letterpress successfully on just about anything except a sheet of glass. In my time i have printed on cloth , plastic , tin plate ,paper ,board, leather , whole books , the limitation is the type matter ,rubber stereos , miraclons or photo polymer or whatever, the versatility of the method you just have to be inventive in your approach whilst knowing the limitation of your particular press. A hand fed press can do more than a windmill as you call it but is slow .we always go on the principle if you can feed it through the machine you can print on it .