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The spread is required so that you can...31 Jul
Sorry, did not proof. That is you need...30 Jul
You have to do a spread on the red or...30 Jul
It looks more like the plate is...26 Jul
It is definitely a plate lock-down for...26 Jul
I once die-cut what I think was 12 pt...12 Jul
Yes, more information please.1 Mar
The lines per inch can be as fine as 95...28 Jun
Having once worked as a salesman for...27 Feb
Van Sons Inks had a line of inks called...21 Feb
First I would tell them the rate to do...23 Jan
It would be very hard to produce a...3 Jan
Grainger should be able to provide a...2 Jan
I just realized that maybe starting to...30 Nov
Wow, I even looked at that and still...21 Nov
I did get lead poisoning in my blood...21 Nov
Sorry, did not see you were looking for...18 Nov
I have a double wood cabinet in VA....18 Nov
Why are you thinking about lowering the...15 Nov
If you send me your email address I...31 Oct
Ream, of paper. Try also French...16 Oct
Old school material, do not think you...12 Oct
Tell them you do not respond to texting.13 Sep
Also keep in mind that all individuals...6 Sep
Can we get away from the "deboss" term...21 Jun
I had a similar problem and did the...14 Oct
Sorry, that was "Dingbat"29 Aug
How about "Digbat"?29 Aug
Looking forward to your future post....17 Apr
I have purchased chases for my C&P New...7 Mar
Any score or crease should be done one...27 Feb
As you know then it can be done. If the...23 Feb
1920's to 1930's Looks complete. Used...7 Feb
As I recall if you were justifing a...17 Jan
Opaque white yes. Not sure why you are...10 Jan
Fritz has it right. For many years I...2 Jan
Contact me when you sort it out. I have...2 Aug
Join me now and we can rule the dark...5 May
I would be willing to try this...28 Apr
Not quite correct on the letterpress to...23 Apr