Does deep impression = beat up press??

I am considering printing some pieces using deep relief ploy plates and getting the “deep impression” look. My question, is the extra pressure needed going to cause damage to my machines? I know to use hard packing and soft paper, but am concerned for the well being of my machines. I am able to use, Windmill, 12x18 C&P, 8x12 C&P, Miehle v50x. I do not want to damage the machines just to make a quick buck offering the “deep impression” look. My press of choice for this venture will most likely be the windmills, but could use any of the above. Also how long does a poly plate hold up printing the “deep impression”? (number of impressions)
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One reason many people try to avoid buying a press that has been used for die cutting is that the extra stress caused by the heavier impression wears the bearings quicker, and often a press that has been used that way is loose and sloppy. The same thing will happen with any heavy impression, whether punching the plate into the paper or die-cutting something. Actually the die would usually cause less wear because the surface area of the die is much smaller than a printing plate of comparable size.