Typefaces with Anglo Saxon minuscule letterforms

I noticed a couple of “Saxon” typeface in an old Caslon type specimen that have Anglo-Saxon letterforms (a long “r” and a “d” with a short, slanted ascender). The typeface also has a few distinct symbols: a thorn (þ), yogh (ȝ), wynn (ƿ), Tyronian sign (⁊), and eth (ð).

I was wondering if any metal typeface I’m likely to find contains these symbols. Or if there are any that draw on the Anglo-Saxon minuscule script. I’d love to be able to use something like that for the occasional printing of Old English material.

image: "Pica Saxon" from Caslon specimen

"Pica Saxon" from Caslon specimen

image: "Long Primer Saxon" from Caslon specimen

"Long Primer Saxon" from Caslon specimen

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Anglo-Saxon characters were available in several British Monotype offerings. I printed a book a long while back that required Anglo-Saxon characters. It was set in Baskerville with the type supplied by Michael Bixler.


M&H Type also has some Anglo-Saxon sorts, in just one face, English Old Style 2E, possibly just the 12 point. They were going to use them on a bilingual Beowulf that never happened.

Thank you, Gerald and parallel_imp. This is just what I was hoping for. I had looked through the M&H and Bixler catalogs and specimens and didn’t see any Anglo-Saxon characters. I hoped that someone on this forum had needed a the odd bit of Old English orthography at some point. I’m glad to know that I can come by sorts for these when a project requires.