Heidelberg Windmill Electrical

Just purchased a windmill and need to get the electrical hooked up. The motor is a 3 phase 220. They electrician needs to know if the machine is “voltage sensative’ i.e can it run 208 or 240. Apparently we cannot get 220 in the building.

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Roger, in my shop I have residential electrical service , single phase. 240V, 220V, 208V and 110V too. 240V is just wired differently at the breaker with larger amperage. You can either change the motor(should have checked whether single or 3 phase before buying) or get a phase converter. I have 240V running one windmill and several other machines including an air compressor which requires minimum 208-240V. I have two other windmills that have 3 phase motors. I have to get a phase converter or change the motors too. Hope this helps. Kelly